Simple and efficient systems that give you control, clarity and empower you to make better decisions in your business that enable you to grow in a way that feels good.

Make your finance tasks the easiest task on your list. Free yourself from the stress and overwhelm.

Technology really is your BEST FRIEND!

Keeping financial records up to date is a legal requirement and critical to know your financial position at any given time. It will help you make more accurate decisions and grow your business.

Don't fear it. Learn how to use it, and you'll love it, and how much easier it will make your life! Don't let it be a task you put off or dread; make it part of your weekly routine and a task you enjoy because it takes less than half an hour.


Steph Jones (MIAB), Bookkeeper And Accounts Mentor

Bookkeeper and Accounts Mentor with a passion for finance, systems, technology and making tasks simple and efficient.

Over the past 17 years of bookkeeping in various industries, I’ve worked hard to find the shortcuts, to create systems and processes that reduce the time spent and give the most accurate results.

Technology plays an integral part in business. It’s critical in making business owners' lives more manageable, less stressed and more time to focus on their business growth.

Free your mind to focus on the areas of your business that you are passionate about

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Simple and efficient systems that give you control, clarity and empower you to make better decisions in your business that enable you to grow in a way that feels good.

Bookkeeping Done For You

Your business is growing, and you find your time could be better spent on the growth, or you would prefer an expert who knows what they are doing to manage your bookkeeping. You have the budget for an outsourced bookkeeper.

Do It Yourself Bookkeeping

You are in the early stages of your business and don't have the budget to outsource your bookkeeping, know you can manage this yourself, but you don't know what you need to do or how to do it. You would like an expert to show you what you need to do and how to do it simply and efficiently.

power hour call

Looking for help on something specific.... Integrating third party software, need to register for VAT, some advice... Book a power hour call and have your questions answered. Get a solution to your problems.

Not sure? Book a call

You're looking for support, but not sure if you would like to continue doing it yourself or would like it done for you. We can find a solution that would best work for you.

Experience a simple process

Discovery and Solution

Together we'll discover a solution that will work for you. Gain clarity and understanding of what to do and how to do it.

Technology and Automation

We will use cloud accounting software, set up the automation and ensure everything is working seamlessly.

System and Routine

Create a simple but efficient system and get you into a routine that works for you.

Keeping it Simple

Keeping everything simple and efficient is critical to achieving success in keeping on top of your tasks.


I have worked with Steph since November 2018. Up to that point I was using an accountancy firm who I have since realised created more work for me as I was on a very dated system. My company is now fully digital which Steph has helped me through. Any queries or problems I had were sorted very quickly with either a phone call or email. It's a big step for most companies changing their accounts to a new provider but Steph is very personable and professional.

Andrew Moulds
Soar Valley Heating

I have known Steph Jones for 15 years, initially as an employee of Better IT and now as a client of hers through Simplefficient Bookkeeping. She is very thorough, efficient and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend the services she offers for those wishing to have more time on the promoting/running of their business with either once off switchover OR letting Simplefficient Bookkeeping run your accounts with any information available to you at any time.

David Nicholls
Better-IT Limited

It used to take me, what I thought was half an hour a month, but actually, it took me a whole night, so three or four hours a month doing my accounts on a spreadsheet each month. Simplefficient Bookkeeping has made my accounts the easiest thing I have to deal with now. And I don't even deal with it anymore; Steph at Simplefficient does it all. It's the most impactful service that I have paid for. Outsourcing my bookkeeping has made scaling up easier.

Diane Cockburn
Dainty Rocks Jewellery

I really enjoyed working with Steph. Her suggestions on which Xero package would be best as well as what to link it to in order for me to automate certain functions was spot on. She went through training that was specific to my business needs. Would absolutely recommend her whether you need someone to do the work for you or you want to learn to do it yourself, she has the answers!

Charmaine Mill
Inspired VA

Steph has been a massive help and reduced so much stress. I became VAT registered and was suddenly faced with much more in depth accounts and having to work out Xero and Greenback. After looking at it all, I decided to utilise Steph's skills in bookkeeping and accounts and it took a huge pressure off of me!

Ali G

Before working with Steph, I felt very worried and stressed about our recent VAT registration and what was required of me in our bookkeeping for marketplace sales. Now that Steph is onboard, I feel completely stress-free and confident that the bookkeeping and VAT returns are taken care of properly. Steph also handles the monthly payroll to make everything smooth and efficient. If I ever have any questions, or something doesn't make sense to me, Steph takes the time to explain everything in detail and put my worries at ease. I would highly recommend hiring Steph for all of your book-keeping/VAT/payroll needs! Thank you Steph!

Chloe G

Working with Steph has allowed me to focus more on the tasks that generate revenue for my business. By taking away the concern of accuracy, I am able to offer better service to my clients and can see a better picture of how the business is performing at any given moment in time.

Paul I

Steph is extremely supportive, understanding and prompt. She has be creative and efficient setting up new processes that really work for us. All with patience and understanding.

Jocelyn L.

Before working with Steph, I tried to managed my accounts by using a spreadsheet. I felt like a novice and had no idea what I was doing. I didn't just want to hand everything over to an accountant, or anyone else in the financial services industry, as I didn't feel that their values would align with those of my business. Steph has done far more than helping me to organise my accounts. She has made me feel like I am finally in control of the financial side of my business, a side I had been ignoring because I was lost, confused and quite frankly scared to face. She has helped me to put systems in place so that I can easily manage my accounts without overwhelm or confusion, and stay in control of my business finances. I love her energy and the fact that she understands my values as a spiritual business owner. With her ongoing support, I now have someone I can turn to for advice and answers when faced with something I don't understand. She truly is a unique soul who is going to help so many others in business to finally feel in control of the financial side of their businesses so that they too can flourish and grow.

Karen G

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Steph Dext Video 2880 x 1620px

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